Becoming a Vegan

We can get most foods here, maybe not exactly what we are used to, but similar.  I have mentioned before that we miss American chocolate chips, pasta sauce, pizza and orange juice.  We can get them here, but they are definitely not as good.  Some food items are imported, but too expensive to splurge on.  For example, Post Shredded Wheat is more than $9.00 per box!  Thankfully we have discovered some African food that we enjoy as well.  I personally like the chutney, digestives and rusks, and hope to bring some back with us.  Our family also enjoys the porridge and Pap that are staples of the Zulu diet.

I am getting used to a limited choice in stores, comparing prices in Rand, and the different names for certain items (like mince rather than ground beef), however I still struggle when buying meat and eggs.  Eggs are not refrigerated here, and what do you notice about them?

Egg with feathers still on it

Egg with feathers still on it

Yes, the eggs often still have feathers on them, but that is better than the chicken poop I have found on others! 

Then there are the meat markets… They are filled with meat parts that most Americans would never consider eating (remember Easter?).  When Ruthie and I were shopping recently there were several whole skinned lambs lying on top of the shelves, and Ruthie said “I think they are dead.”  Yes I think so.


1 Response to “Becoming a Vegan”

  1. 1 Kylie June 6, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    What are digestives? The food sounds interesting. I’m glad you’re enjoying some things. Too bad we can’t send you some chocolate chips 🙂 The eggs would be tough to eat, as well as seeing the meats. I don’t know if I could handle it as well as you and Ruthie do. Love you and miss you.

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