Chicken Pox

Ruthie apparently had chicken pox!  I say apparently because we did not know it until they were gone… I told Mom online two weeks ago that Ruthie had a strange rash on her face that spread to her lower arms.  It was not really bothering her so we did nothing.  Well now all of the Passaro children have rashes and their doctor said it is chicken pox.  All of them, including Ruthie,  had been vaccinated in the US and therefore had abnormal mild cases.  Shortly before Ruthie developed a rash, I started having strange pain on the right side of my face and head.  It hurt whenever I blinked my eyes, so was bothering me quite a bit.  I told Brian it felt like I had some sort of virus in the nerve endings, and I was incredibly tired.  Ibuprofen and sleep seemed to help, but now I am wondering if it was shingles.  I still get the pain occasionally, but it comes and goes and does not bother me much anymore.  Where we are in Africa there is no malaria risk, but there are strange sicknesses.  People are not vaccinated for many illnesses so it is common for people to have chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc.  I guess compared to the AIDs epidemic and TB no one really cares about the other relatively insignificant diseases.

Rachel had chicken pox last year and so far no spots on Bekah.  However, Rebekah has been home from school this week with a bad cold.  I may need to take her to a doctor tomorrow to make sure she does not have an ear or sinus infection… I guess this is what happens in winter – yes, winter 🙂


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  1. 1 Jennifer Wright May 25, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    We hope Rebekah will feel better soon with her cold. I had forgotten that Rachel had Chicken Pox last year. How is Brian’s foot now? I worked outside today and now have hives all over my arms. Not sure what I got into. The kids found a hole near our garden with toads! They spent a lot of time trying to catch the toads. They were successful. A lot of screaming ensued when the toads got away or jumped on them. However, they had fun. Praying for you all. Jennifer

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