Strong Bugs

For those of you who like the updates about our daily lives, we have had a few medical issues this week.  I will let Rachel write about her adventure, so keep checking her blog linked to mine (R Cubed).  In addition, Brian developed an infection in his foot almost two weeks ago.  We have no idea what happened or where it came from, but it was bothering him and not getting better.  Maybe he will eventually write the humorous and frustrating details, but basically he needed to tell the first doctor he had an infection and needed an antibiotic.  Unfortunately the infection got worse, so after the full course of two antibiotics (one not FDA approved), he went to another doctor while we were away.  This doctor thought it was a staph infection, lanced it and gave him a different antibiotic.  Brian asked both to culture it, but neither would.  Well, Brian finished that prescription today and his foot still hurts significantly.  The abscess looks better, but the top of his foot hurts deep, almost in his bone.  So today he went to the private hospital here.  That doctor cultured it and wants to see him again Wednesday to determine if there is a bacteria that would be missed by the prior attempts.  If the infection has penetrated the bone it would require IV antibiotics, so we obviously want to avoid that.  There are some strange and strong “bugs” here…


2 Responses to “Strong Bugs”

  1. 1 Angela April 14, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Praying he gets better soon! Angela

  2. 2 carole van housen April 15, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    That is a serious concern. We will pray and please let us know.

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