Maybe not homeless?

We have been without internet all week  (it has been obvious recently that we are indeed in a third world country!) so I have not been able to update folks on our housing status… We have two weeks before the Baker family returns to this home, so the push is on.  Two days ago we finally got a lead that might work out!   A family who is now living in Madagascar still has a furnished home here, and it appears they are willing to rent it to us!  It is in a nice neighborhood with several girls in neighboring houses, has girl toys and bedrooms decorated in pink and purple (since they have two girls), and even has a trampoline in the back yard.  This family’s former housekeeper Precious lives with her 10 year old daughter in the servant’s quarters, and seems very sweet.  When I told her that Rachel and her daughter could be friends Precious said, ” would she play with a black girl?”  Ugh.

Unfortunately the house is quite a bit further from the girl’s school and the University, but it is definitely doable.  This family will be back here this week visiting family, so we will meet with them either Wednesday or Thursday.  They also have an extra car sitting in the garage, but as of now are not too excited to let us use it… Maybe when they see Ruthie’s cute curls their hearts will be softened to the idea 🙂  Having one car has not been too difficult since Brian and the girls could walk to school from here, but moving further away will add a challenge to the morning and afternoon routine.

I am actually excited to see how this all works out.  I have already spoken to Zanele about continuing with us at our new place so we can continue our relationship and help her earn extra money.  Maybe we can also befriend Precious and her daughter.  I will keep you “posted”!


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