I Miss…

In addition to specific people – you know who you are 🙂  -there are several things I miss.  Here are a few:

-NCAA Basketball, especially when UNC beats Duke in Cameron Stadium!!!!! Thanks to the Hadeda birds, dogs, and Rachel’s bad dream we were up at 5am and able to watch ESPN updates on the internet.  Unfortunately South Africans don’t appreciate the rivalry enough to broadcast the game in this country.  Otherwise we would have been tempted to watch it from 4-6am local time!

-My neck pillow.  My neck has been bothering me since leaving Virginia, and now it appears my back problems have returned… This past weekend my low back started hurting, and it has developed into a sciatica problem with numbness in my foot.  It is not nearly as bad as last year, so I am hopeful that it resolves quickly with rest and the anti-inflammatory meds I brought with me.  I would appreciate your prayers

-Tropicana Pure Premium No Pulp Orange Juice, not from concentrate. Yummm

-The freedom to go where we want whenever we want

-Driving on the right side of the road with regular intersections rather than round-a-bouts

-A dishwasher

-Relative equality for all people

– My electric toothbrush

-Maple syrup… It does not need to be the “real” stuff, but just Log Cabin would be great on our pancakes!

-Non-violent, free, legitimate elections

-Sidewalk chalk.  There are so many kids who would love that, but all they sell here is the thin chalk

-Houses without gates and alarms

-Redeemer Classical School’s education for the girls

-A PLAN – (I love my plans!) For the most part people don’t plan ahead here.  As an example – we know the Presidential elections are in April, but the exact date has not been set yet!  Enough said.


-Self-serve gas stations


-COLD Weather!

– Cleaning my house

-Taking food, safety, big houses, freedom, and a legitimate government and police officers for granted


3 Responses to “I Miss…”

  1. 1 ritchies4orphans February 15, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    Praying for you all –Praying that you will pray for an acute awareness to him and sense clearly the Holy Spirit and the spirit’s leading in these kinds of situations in the future– We sometimes ignore them and this situation teaches us that God is watching over us and caring for us at all times. The Ritchies — Pray for the robber — without Christ, he will continue to steal to fill the void in his heart and know grace.

  2. 2 Anne February 24, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Kristin, can I send all of you a big thing of sidewalk chalk?? Anne Tjaden

  3. 3 Kristin Augustine February 25, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Update to “I Miss”:
    Thanks Anne for the offer of chalk, but it would be expensive and the mail is not safe; much is stolen. Last week I found three small boxes of sidewalk chalk, so am optimistic that I can find more! I gave one to the kids from Zimbabwe, and one to Zanele’s daughter… They were thrilled.
    Also, I found a neck pillow 🙂 It was quite a process, but R350 later I have it!

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