In Your Face

Rachel just posted some new pictures at the end of the picture section…

While she was doing that a man rang the bell at the front gate.  In his broken English he asked me for some old clothes, money and a job.  This is the fourth person to come to the gate looking for a job, but the first asking for money.   I was not sure what to do, and we could barely understand each other.  Fortunately Adrian was in the cottage and went out to speak to him for me.  None of us had any old clothes, and we have already hired a gardener, so we gave him a bag of bread and fruit.

In America it is fairly easy to ignore poverty if you want.  Here it is in your face and at your gate everyday.


1 Response to “In Your Face”

  1. 1 Jennifer Wright February 2, 2009 at 4:01 am

    Hi Kristin,

    I wanted to share with you an interesting experience our principal had last year. Your sharing cultural differences made me think about it. He looked outside to see a car driving around our school track! He went to investigate. In the meantime a neighbor had called the police. It was a family from Kenya. Apparently, in Kenya there are places that look much like a track where you practice driving. The man was teaching his wife! I later called friends who had lived in Kenya who verified that that was accurate. They had no idea that wasn’t done here. Our principal didn’t press charges. Our track is gravel so it didn’t hurt it.

    Your girls have always been compassionate. This experience will make them so much more. We had a guest from Sierra Leone at church. He said in his country people don’t often complain even when they don’t have. Have you found it the same where you are? Perhaps not with the crime??? However, your helpers in your home might be different. He is now a Christian, but grew up Muslim.

    I read the Pastor’s comments regarding your girls questions. I agree with what he said and don’t have much to add, other than keep reiterating that sin and the fall of man has made things unfair. That isn’t Christ’s fault. It is our job to show Jesus’ love and make choices to help the poverty. Even small steps help, although it may be discouraging.

    In Christ, Jennifer

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