So this is Africa…

We wanted to see monkeys… well, we saw monkeys!  These photos were taken in our backyard this morning.  Check out Brian’s post (In To Africa) which includes a video of the monkeys.  They are loud!



This was really our first normal weekend here, and we had a wonderful time.  Saturday the five of us drove two hours to Giant Castle Park in the Drakensburg Mountains.  The beautiful pictures do not due justice to the amazing scenery we saw.  We had a great time hiking to the caves where Bushmen had painted on the rocks as long as 3000 years ago!


Driving to this beautiful place required us to drive through many towns where the poverty was almost overwhelming.  We saw women and children carrying water (often on their heads!) from the town pumps to their dwellings, goats and cows in the streets, children playing in the mud, tons of people walking, and thousands of shacks.  The round “rondavels” were neat to see, but the mud and stick shacks were difficult to drive past.  Rebekah in particular was moved by the sights.  She wanted to give the children we passed everything we had in our car – six granola bars, water bottles, and cameras.  We tried to explain that we could not start giving away food unless we were prepared to be swarmed by hundreds of hungry people, that we did not understand the language and could put ourselves in an unsafe situation, etc. but she was adament that we needed to return when we were more prepared.  In this way she is very much like me!  Rachel wrote about her perspective and posted some pictures on her sight (RCubed in South Africa)


On Sunday we met two women at church who had moved here recently from Zimbabwe.  They and their families joined us at our house for lunch.  We had a great time learning about their country and visiting with them for several hours.  It was neat to watch the girls play with 7 year old Ano and 3 year old Toto as if there were no differences between them.

They are trying to visit Zim at Easter time to bring food to their relatives and would like us to go with them.  We will look in to that possibility if it is safe.  Zimbabwe was considered the “Bread Basket” of Africa until fairly recently, is supposed to be an incredibly beautiful country, and Victoria Falls are claimed to make Niagara Falls look small!  Regardless of whether we go with them, I loved talking to them and hope to continue building those relationships.

It was a great, African weekend!


1 Response to “So this is Africa…”

  1. 1 Emily January 27, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    These are amazing stories and pictures! You are truly inspiring. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

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